Raving Rabbids Party Crash VR

As part of the educational program, Raving Rabbids Party Crash is a collaboration project between NHTV University of Applied Sciences and Ubisoft for in-house experimentation with Virtual Reality, in the form of a herding game using the Raving Rabbid’s IP. The players are tasked to get the Rabbids from point A to B while overcoming many obstacles.

There is no plan for a commercial release, this is a student only project. As part of the learning experience the staff from Ubisoft have given the team valuable feedback from their field of expertise. 

Project Details:

Status: Unreleased
Platform: PC and HTC Vive
Tools used: Unreal Engine 4
Language: Unreal Blueprints
Duration: 7 months
Team Size: ~25
Role: Project lead (5 months), Level Designer (2 months fulltime and during project lead)
“Best Art” and “Best Game” year 3 awards within University



  • Vision Holder (while project lead)
  • Level Design
  • World Beautification
  • Lighting
  • Gameplay Design
  • One-page level proposals
  • Whiteboxing
  • Conducting peer reviews and teambuilding activities to improve teamwork and individual work (while project lead)
  • Responsible for flow of communication (while project lead)


Level Overview:

Final version of the level, having done my own art and lighting pass as well.