Neppis Racing

Neppis is a competitive local turn-based toy-car racing game for tablets (and smartphones), where two players compete against each other and the environment, to reach the finish line first. The player uses touch controls like slide, to choose an angle and the power of force to move the car, and swipe to send the car to motion. After player ends him/her turn, he/she gives the tablet to the other player. This game was showcased at GDC 2016 by ARM.

Project Details:

Status: Unreleased
Platform: Android
Tools used: Unreal Engine 4
Duration: 3 months
Team Size: 12
Role: Design Lead


  • Communicating closely with UI artist.
  • UI Design/documentation.
  • Gameplay design.
  • Level Design.
  • Level Art Pass.

Level Design Proposal:

Level Design Proposal Neppis Racing

Flowchart and Wire Frame Document:

Neppis Racing UI Document

UI Videos:


Level Overview:

Game Trailer: